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The Clyde Gateway area benefits from a good bus network operated by First Glasgow with bus routes linking many of the major residential, business and shopping areas. Clyde Gateway has worked hard to bring improvements to the bus network and infrastructure and travelling by bus has never
been easier.

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Buses are a great way to help you to:

Save Money


Switching to the bus instead of using the car for some journeys could save you money on fuel and parking charges. Some bus users have found that by giving up their car entirely they are over £150 a month better off.


Lose Weight and Keep Fit


Walking to and from the bus stop can contribute towards the 30 active minutes we need to do each day to avoid putting on weight and stay fit and healthy.


Help the Environment


Did you know that one bus carries the same number of people as 30 cars and uses 10 times less space? Using the bus instead of the car can help to reduce your carbon footprint and also contribute to a much cleaner, greener environment by limiting the number of cars on the road.


Switching just one journey in 25 from car to bus or coach is estimated to save 2 million tonnes of CO2 and would mean one billion fewer car journeys on our roads. Buses also play a key role in relieving congestion e.g. one double-decker bus can take the place of as many as 65 cars on the road, with benefits for both the environment and the economy.


Reduce Your Stress Levels


Research has shown that taking the bus can be up to 33% less stressful than driving. By avoiding driving in bad weather or fighting your way through traffic jams, you can start and end your day more relaxed.


Free up Your Time


Travelling on the bus gives you more ‘me’ time. There are lots of things you can do travelling on the bus that you can’t do whilst driving. Many buses now have free wifi and you can read, catch up with friends on social media or check your emails before you get into the office.


Link up with other Services


By changing from bus to the subway in Glasgow, you can easily link to other parts of the city in a very short period of time. Use the following link to the Traveline Scotland journey planner to see how much time you can save.


Have more Flexibility


Using the bus to travel into town for a day out means you’re not tied to going home when your parking ticket runs out. Many services run late into the evening, so you can stay in town for longer or have a glass of wine with your meal and not have to worry about driving home.



bus accessibility For Information on transport accessibility click here