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Although Clyde Gateway encourages you wherever possible to use sustainable alternatives to car travel, we are aware that in some circumstances, car travel is necessary. However, if you have to use your car there are many ways you can help protect the environment by considering how and when you use your car
and by looking at sustainable car travel

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Sustainable car travel

Car sharing


Around 70% of cars during the morning peak have only one occupant and car sharing aims to make better use of all those empty seats.


Some examples of the benefits of car sharing are:

  • Your carbon footprint is reduced
  • You can save money on fuel and parking prices - many places offer car share parking permits. Ask if your work has such a system in place
  • Reduced stress - driving on congested roads can be stressful. Let someone else share the commute and alleviate some of this pressure

For example, SPT’s JourneyShare allows you to match your trip with others travelling the same journey. It allows you to reduce your car journey costs and helps to cut congestion and pollution. JourneyShare can also match taxi, cycling and walking journeys. For further information go to:


Flexible Car Parking


Some organisations also offer a flexible parking permit system which allows and encourages more occasional parking.


Smarter Driving


If you do need to use your car, then there are some things you can do to reduce the environmental impact:

  • Check your tyres are set at the correct pressure - this helps the car run more efficiently
  • Clear out any extra weight - are you carrying unnecessary items around in your car boot?
  • Make sure your vehicle is serviced regularly as under-serviced engines are less likely to work efficiently
  • Don’t use air conditioning unless you really need it as using air conditioning increases fuel consumption

Electric vehicles


Glasgow City Council offers free electric vehicle charging and free parking at a network of "Plugged in Places" around the city.


Parking is free while charging at on-street charging points, leisure centres and City Parking multi-storey car parks. Electricity is also free.


For further information and details of charging outlets go to:


The school run


Instead of using the car, children should be encouraged to walk, cycle or take the bus.


These sustainable forms of transport help to reduce congestion outside schools and to improve safety, can help improve children’s fitness levels, and causes less damage to the environment.



car accessibility For Information on transport accessibility click here