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Walking is an excellent way to stay healthy and happy. It’s easy to fit into your daily life, it can be done almost anywhere, at any time for free - and it’s great for the environment. The Clyde Gateway area has a network of great walking routes including Cuningar, Glasgow Green and along the River Clyde.

So what are you waiting for?
Get out there and give it a go!

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Walking can help you to:

Save money


Walking is free. You don’t need any specialist equipment, just comfortable footwear. By walking short distances instead of driving or taking the bus, you will not only save money on transport, you can also save money on gym membership.


Get fit and improve your health


It might be obvious, but walking has big benefits to your health. According to medical research, regular walking lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, enhances mental well-being and helps prevent osteoporosis. People who walk regularly tend to be happier, laugh more and have reduced stress levels too.


Walking is a gentle but effective form of exercise. Did you know that you can burn up to 100 calories per mile by walking? That’s 140 calories between Bridgeton and Glasgow City Centre! Add in a couple of longer walks each week and you will begin to see the weight loss benefits. Walking also strengthens leg and back muscles, so it’s a good way to begin exercising if you haven’t done any for a while.


Build your brain power and concentration


Walking focuses the mind and improves concentration levels. Research shows that children who walk to school are more alert and ready to learn than those who are driven there. If you have been inside all day, going for a lunchtime walk releases endorphins which refresh your energy levels.


Help the environment


Walking doesn’t pollute. By replacing short car trips to the shops, school or work with a walk you will reduce your carbon footprint and improve your local environment by reducing traffic noise and congestion levels. For example, by walking from Dalmarnock to Glasgow City Centre instead of using the car, there will be 0.64kg less CO2 polluting the air.


Travel at your own pace


For short trips, walking can sometimes be the quickest way of getting around, but what’s the rush? Walking allows you to travel at your own speed and take in your surroundings as you go. The average walking speed for adults is 5km per hour or 3.1 miles per hour - where could you get to in that time?


Get to know your local area


Walking is a great way to take advantage of local facilities and attractions. Local shops help to support the local economy and walking to the supermarket can be much less stressful than driving. By getting out and about, you create more opportunities to meet your neighbours and build community ties.


Have fun!


Walking is an activity that people of all ages can take part in. From a ten minute stroll to a ten hour hike, there is a walking route to suit everyone. You can go it alone, with family or friends, or as part of an organised group. To make walking more fun for the kids then why not try a game such as "I spy". The secret is for kids to see walking as fun and not a chore, and once they see it as enjoyable, you're on to a winner.



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