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There are other modes of travel where you can help reduce the impact your choice of travel will have on the environment

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Travelling to and from the airport.

If you have to travel by plane, try and offset your carbon footprint by using public transport to and from the airport.


Yes, we realise air travel is not the most environmentally friendly method of transport, and we would encourage you to look for other more sustainable modes of travel where possible.


For example, trains and buses are much more energy efficient than aeroplanes. For trips within the UK, these modes of transport can even be quicker when you factor in time taken to park your car and pass through airport security etc.


However, when plane journeys are necessary you can help reduce their impact by travelling to and from the airport in a more sustainable way.


Clyde Gateway benefits from tremendous transport links to Glasgow Airport which can be reached in approximately 45 minutes by public transport.


You can also easily travel by public transport to two other international airports at Edinburgh (approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes) and Prestwick (approximately 1 hour).


For information on your journey times and travel options please visit the Traveline Scotland website.



taxis Taxis


Taxis provide a point-to-point personal transport service with the added benefit of not having to worry about parking places, fees or paying the necessary maintenance and running costs normally associated with car journeys. Taxis can be used to link with public transport where services are unavailable and can be more cost effective when travelling in a group.

Recent media campaigns, improved standards, further legislation and enforcement activities, e.g. reducing unnecessary idling of stationary vehicles, has brought about a better understanding of the importance of reducing the impact on the environment and improving air quality. It is hoped further developments in cleaner electric or hybrid vehicles with zero emissions capability will further reduce emissions caused by taxis.


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