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The Clyde Gateway area has excellent access to local rail network connections through the stations at Rutherglen, Dalmarnock and Bridgeton as well as from stations just outside the area at Bellgrove and Carmyle.

These provide easy access to other local
transport links as well as national rail services.

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Trains are a great way to help you:

Save money


Using your car instead of the train could potentially save you hundreds of pounds each year. With a range of flexible tickets and railcards available and no parking charges, the train can often be a cheaper alternative to driving.


Travel direct


The train can often be a faster and more direct alternative to driving, especially if you live or work near one of the three main railway stations located in the Clyde Gateway area, and will quickly and easily take you to your chosen destination. The following sample journeys highlight how easy it is to travel to and from the heart of Glasgow:


From (Railway Station):

To (Railway Station):

Approximate Frequency:

Train Journey time:


Argyle Street, Glasgow

6 trains per hour, extra journeys at peak times

8 minutes


Argyle Street, Glasgow

4 trains per hour, extra journeys at peak

6 minutes


Argyle Street, Glasgow

4 trains per hour, extra journeys at peak

4 minutes


Go against the flow


Travelling against peak time flows in Glasgow allows you to avoid barrier and ticket queues at the main stations thereby reducing your connection and journey times.


Also, as the train is not usually affected by weather conditions and doesn’t have to wait in traffic, journey times are often more reliable and you don’t need to waste time looking for a place to park.


Lose weight and get fit


Walking to and from the train station can contribute towards the 30 active minutes we need to do each day to avoid putting on weight and help us stay fit and healthy.


Free up your time


If you think there aren't enough hours in the day, commute by train and give yourself back some 'me time'. Whether it’s reading a newspaper or book, checking texts or emails, or just watching the world go by, travelling by train allows you to sit back and relax while someone else does the driving.


Reduce your stress levels


Traffic congestion, poor weather and careless drivers can add up to unpleasant driving conditions. Swap the car for the train and you can start and end your day feeling more relaxed.


Help the environment


Did you know that a train can hold approximately 180 seated passengers. This means that just one train journey has the potential to remove 180 single occupancy vehicles ( from the road. With the average car generating more than double the CO2 per passenger than an electric train, using the train instead of the car can help to reduce your carbon footprint and also contribute to a much cleaner, greener environment.


Travel at your own convenience


With a set timetable and live departure information available, planning your journey around your schedule has never been easier. You only need to be at the station a few minutes prior to the train’s departure and you always know the expected time of your arrival.


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